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Many advancements in technology and culture, in general, have reshaped the way businesses are formed. Survival in any industry now depends on being able to market the most relevant goods and services to an audience that approves of the message being conveyed. Brick and mortar stores consistently give way to remote or mobile service providers. There are still significant opportunities available for emerging small businesses. Here are three industries that present promise for new entrepreneurs trying to create their own footprint in the modern business world.

Personalized Health and Fitness
The world continues to be an increasingly health-conscious place. The opportunity is ripe for any small business that wants to excel in the health and fitness industry. Personal trainers and fitness coaches are in exceedingly high demand, as are personal chefs and nutritional advisors. A host of vitamins and supplements on the market represent great opportunities for enterprising new businesses. There are multiple ways that small businesses can create a lucrative new line of either personal services or products related to exercise, health, and fitness.

Public and Shared Transportation
Viable transportation options have literally changed the path of travel for many individuals across the nation and the world. Expensive car rentals have been replaced with ride-sharing apps and companies that offer much lower fares for short and even some long term trips. Drivers are more in control of their options and their budgets. Local commuters are able to choose from bikes, scooters, and drop off services. Small businesses are able to scoot themselves into this fast-growing industry easily. Some options in the field include providing the actual transportation, offering insurance services, and marketing services for other companies within the industry.

Generalized Healthcare Specialties
The healthcare field continues to evolve into new areas and is heavily impacted by new technologies. Machine learning capabilities allow patient and insurance provider data to be effectively managed remotely. Small businesses could provide IT, data management, and customer relations services to healthcare companies. There is also an opportunity for medical equipment sales and service. This applies to home care as well as healthcare institutions. Finally, small businesses are even able to provide staffing assistance for healthcare practices, clinics, and hospice care situations.