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As more and more business professionals are working longer and longer hours and holding themselves to higher standards than ever before, many leading psychologists see a massive wave of new workplace burnout cases. And with all the stresses involved in launching and running a new company, it is little wonder that many small business owners are currently bearing the brunt of the current burnout epidemic. Here are just four signs that you might be struggling with burnout as a small business owner. 

You Find No Joy in Your Work
For most people, starting a small business is an act of passion. Perhaps we saw an area of the market that we could really excel in and even revolutionize. Perhaps we dreamed of creating a better life for ourselves. When we’re burned out, however, all that passion goes right out the window. If you’ve lost your primary motivations for working, you might just be experiencing burnout. 

You’re Increasingly Irritable
When you quite simply no longer care about the concerns of the people around you, you could be dealing with a bad case of burnout. Ask yourself whether you have less tolerance lately for the people closest to you. Do you find yourself getting angry with your employees or customers over unimportant matters? Do slight inconveniences drive you up the wall? If so, it could be time to make a change in how you adapt to stress.

The Thought of Going Into Work Makes You Shudder
Part of the reason that most of us start new businesses involves the excitement of going it alone with a new venture. When burnout is in full swing, however, that excitement can quickly turn to dread. Even at the best of times, running a small business is no easy task: And if you spend Sunday nights dreading the prospect of Monday mornings, you might be facing serious burnout.

Your Work is Affecting Your Personal Life
Sadly, most bad cases of burnout don’t just affect us while we’re at work. In fact, many people dealing with burnout experience new problems at home. If you’re taking the stress of the workday with you when you leave the office, you could be struggling with issues related to burnout. Finding work-life balance could be key to helping you manage your stress. 

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome even the worst cases of burnout. It might take time, but the effort will be worth it when you regain your reason for working and rediscover the enjoyment of running your own business. At the end of the day, no one should let an untreated case of burnout ruin the best years of their life!