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The spirit of entrepreneurship is gaining more ground today than ever before. Statistics indicate that 14% of the working-age Americans are starting and running new businesses as opposed to preferring being employed. This record-high number shows that the future of small business ownership is quite bright. What is pushing so many, about 27 million, of the American workforce to pursue entrepreneurship? Experts project that this is as a result of the numerous benefits of small business ownership.

Having control over the future
Running your own business allows you to control your destiny as far as your career is concerned. The ability to steer and direct the company to the strategic future is rarely enjoyed when you are employed elsewhere. Making your own day-to-day decisions, creating the desired brand, and incorporating the custom culture you have dreamt of gives you hands-on control of your entrepreneurial future.

Becoming an employer
Starting your own business allows you to choose the kind of people you wish to work with. The decision to hire the right workforce is all on your shoulders. This is a great flexibility that many entrepreneurs yearn for but rarely get in their workplaces. If correctly utilized by hiring the most qualified and passionate workers, the opportunity can propel your investment to success.

Creating and confronting challenges
Being an entrepreneur and running your own business allows you to pursue new heights and goals. You may choose to challenge yourself by taking up new risks and managing them well to reap the benefits thereof. Running a business in a competitive market requires innovativeness and creating a competitive advantage.

Finding pride and meaning in life
Owning a business is not something that many people get a chance to. The feeling of accomplishment that you get as a result of starting a business from scratch gives you a sense of pride and great achievement. The access to success as an entrepreneur is solely attributable to your leadership capabilities, innovative ideas, and competent abilities that you will have made in managing your business.

Achieving flexibility
When employed, flexibility is sometimes hard to come by. This is not the case when you own your own small business. It gives you the ability to control much of your resources, including time and capital. This may imply working from home and having a customized working schedule.

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Jason Bond is a Professional Trader, Entrepreneur, and active Philanthropist. Jason is also well-known for launching the popular trading program, Raging Bull Trading, alongside fellow trader Jeff Bishop in 2010. The program is designed to help traders of all levels learn about the ins and outs of trading in the stock market. Jason also manages his own swing trading program, called Jason Bond Picks, through Raging Bull Trading. 

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