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Anyone who has professional experience over the last few years will know that business is seeing a significant evolution. With more competition emerging daily and increased focus on technology, new trends are taking place that can have an impact on companies around the country. Let’s examine some of the biggest business trends to look for in 2020.

Remote & Flexible Work
In recent years, working professionals have called for companies to offer more flexible work schedules for their employees, so it is not surprising to learn that it is catching on in 2020. Last year, a number of companies of every size announced that they would begin offering flexible schedules to employees, with some offering full-time remote positions. Companies who do not offer flexible schedules should consider implementing it as a benefit, especially as more professionals look for it in their job searches.

5G Use For Businesses
In order to meet the increasing needs of electronics around the country, the new 5G wireless network is launching this year. The network is expected to not only increase the speeds that electronics work, but it will also allow for larger downloads, making it a great opportunity for businesses. With the new 5G network, businesses should examine their own technology to ensure that it is updated and ready for the new wireless network. 

Business Reviews
The rise of the internet has led both companies and customers to go online at higher rates than ever before. One of the trends that have emerged in recent years is the significance of online business reviews. With websites like Yelp that allow users to review a company for the public to see freely, it is important for businesses to pay attention. Not only can negative reviews hurt a business, but having no reviews or online presence has shown to become a problem as well. Reaching out to old or current customers about leaving a thoughtful review on platforms like Google or Yelp can help companies avoid being affected in the future. 

As we continue to move through 2020, it is important to continuously check for any new or interesting business trend, especially for those who are business owners.