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Tough economic times are detrimental to small businesses. This requires a business owner to adapt during these times to ensure the business stays afloat. Every business is unique and has its own set of risks and rewards. Here are some general principles that can guide small owners during hard times.

Looking at The Bigger Picture
Business owners tend to attack obvious challenges with urgency and vigor. This is understandable and might be useful in some cases. However, it is equally important that they focus on the bigger picture so that they can make a lasting change. Hard times presents an opportunity to understand the existing business model and to determine business strength and weaknesses. 

An Inventory of The Staff
Employees’ salaries are always at the top of the expense list. A business owner should review its staff members during a crisis. This is to ensure that they have competent workers and they can discharge their duties effectively. This strategy can protect the business during hard times as it aims at increasing efficiency. 

Protect the Cash Flow
The small business owners should ensure that they have access to cash flow, especially during a crisis. The first step toward achieving this goal is contacting a loan officer and make inquires on what is required to obtain a loan. It is also prudent to have other sources of cash. This may include borrowing from friends, liquidating a stock, or using the savings. 

Taking Account of The Small Stuff
Small things in business include access roads to the business, adequate parking space, or advertising. These issues may have a huge impact on business during lean times. Considering and analyzing factors that improve sales may help to identify some problems that may affect the business. Small items may seem harmless to the business, but they can affect business performance and drain business accounts. 

Do Not Sacrifice Quality
Issues affecting product quality should be addressed head-on. It is also important to ensure that employees are aware of the changes being made on the product. Product quality should not be compromised while making product changes. Small business owners who are seeking to increase their sales margin during hard times should be careful about making dramatic product changes. They should focus on cutting the cost while also improving the quality of their products.