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It’s that time of year again! The holidays are back, and it’s all too easy to become so busy that employees go unrecognized. Many employers choose to forego expressing their gratitude and appreciation to their employees during the holidays due to time and cost. What they fail to realize is that even the smallest token of appreciation goes a long way. When employees feel that they are appreciated, it leads to a more successful and productive team. The following are just a few ways to help employees feel appreciated during the holidays.

Giving cash or bonuses is the most common approach to expressing gratitude to employees this time of year. Some employers choose to do this in the form of a yearly bonus, while others provide employees with a gift card or cash. If taking this approach, it is important to decide if each employee will be receiving the same amount. Some employers choose to set different amounts based on whether an employee is full-time or part-time. If choosing to send out cash in a holiday card, do not take the route of using a mass-produced card, which is the same for everyone. This is far too impersonal. Take a few seconds to write a brief personal message on the card, which expresses appreciation for each individual employee.

For those companies that are not thrilled about using cash or bonuses for their employees, paying it forward is always a wonderful alternative. Not only is this the gifted opportunity to help others, but it absolutely brings a positive light to the organization. Consider donating to a charity in the name of an employee. There is also the option of gathering feedback from employees to see which charities they are invested in and donating to them.

Gifts are also an excellent way to express appreciation for employees. This can be tricky because it is important to gift the same thing to every employee regardless of their sex or position in the company. Items such as Bluetooth headphones are useful gifts that everyone can utilize. On a smaller scale, items such as flowers or even treats are always appreciated. If gifting a food item, be aware of any known allergies for employees.