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Jason Bond Is An Avid Entrepreneur & Professional Trader

Like many teenagers, Jason Bond had his fair share of jobs trying to make a buck by working in fast food establishments, donut shops, pizza stores, and grocery stores near his home in Rochester, NY. But minimum wage didn’t pay much and he soon realized that he could make more money and have more control by mowing lawns. Jason said, “I’d always tell people, ‘Pay whatever you think is fair’ and a lot of the times you’d get lucky… some people would pay a couple of Bucks, an others would pay $20.”

At that time Jason Bond also built a small but profitable little business collecting worms at night from the Erie Canal, which he’d then sell to people fishing in the area!

At high school and college, Jason Bond’s lifelong love of sports and competing continued to grow, and he even took a trial with the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Jason’s subsequent degree in physical education allowed him to turn his love of sports into a teaching profession and inspire and teach children to become greater athletes in their own right.


Like Any Good Entrepreneur…


At first glance Jason Bond’s life path seems quite diverse;

  • An early start in entrepreneurship
  • A passionately competitive athlete
  • A skilled and compassionate educator

Quite a combination of threads for any resume!

And yet many highly successful business people and entrepreneurs share many of these traits and diverse backgrounds. This often includes an early start in entrepreneurial ventures and the ability to generate income from an early age; for example as a teenager, the founder of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, sold pigeons in his local village!

Starting with just a handful of students, Jason Bond started to share his trading knowledge, experience, and systems in a way that allowed these students to begin to grow their own profitable trading accounts from the start.

Word soon gets around, and pretty soon Jason Bond’s story of getting out of debt got out, and more and more people from all walks started to learn Jason’s system of profitable trading. That first handful of students grew into hundreds and then thousands of students, and Jason’s Jason Bond Picks trading education business grew, becoming his first official trading education venture.

Growing Businesses, Building Teams

With the success and growth of Jason Bond Picks, Jason joined forces with and became business partners with his trading mentor, Jeff Bishop. Together the two formed and grew whose mission is to provide the education, experience and mentorship to allow anyone to become a successful trader in their own right. 

RagingBull Trading’s business grew, joining forces with other million dollar plus former students of Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond, and under Jason and Jeff’s inspired leadership the company now comprises over seven unique business, and employs over 40 people across the U.S. The company provides work for a further nine companies and their employees dotted across North America. 

Raging Bull Trading originally projected to have approximately 150% growth in 2018, but experienced considerably more success instead. After experiencing a 465% growth in the last three years alone, Raging Bull Trading was named as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America in 2019, as part of the Inc. 5000 List. Raging Bull landed only two spots behind Uber on the elite list, while also being named as the fastest-growing company in New Hampshire.

Business Profits Paid Forward

In the last three years Jason Bond and his mentor, Jeff Bishop, have donated profits from their trading profits to charities. In 2017 alone, Jason donated all of his trading profits of over $232,048 to recognized charities.

Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop recently established the Raging Bull Giving with the sole purpose of donating trading profits to charities and philanthropic organizations to allow them to continue their good work. To date, they have pledged over $512,000 (March 2019) to charities, and have made a strong commitment to continue gifting back future trading profits to support charities and philanthropic causes.

Jason Bond’s track record as an entrepreneur, educator, and trader are renowned. But what is perhaps more telling of the quality of Jason comes when you speak with anyone who knows or works with him because it soon becomes clear that Jason’s integrity permeates all that he approaches. This comes from his deeply held personal beliefs in the values of service, growth, guiding others to succeed, and in paying forward the profits of business to help those in need.

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