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If you are a small business owner, email marketing should be a top priority among your marketing efforts. Email marketing is not only effective but also one of the most lucrative forms of online marketing. Utilizing email marketing campaigns for your small business can be one of the easiest ways to reach your customers without spending a lot of money.

Are you thinking about creating your own email marketing campaign? Here are some top tips to keep in mind.

Make Sign-Up Easy & Appealing
Think about where your customers are most active. Post a sign-up form on your website, social media platforms, and wherever else, your customers and potential customers are active in collecting their information. Encourage people to sign up to receive your emails by placing a sign-up box front and center on your webpage. Consider offering a discount or host a giveaway for those who sign up to receive emails from your small business.

Integrate Social Media
Social media is a major marketing tool for businesses, both big and small. Take advantage of this resource and expand your outreach by uniting your social media marketing with your email campaigns. You can integrate both by including links to your company’s website on your social media accounts and by linking your social media accounts when you send out emails. This gives your customers and potential customers an easy way to explore more of your business offerings and stay up to date by following or liking your business pages.

Keep Messages Short & Concise
Always ensure your email marketing campaigns are short and to the point. Use bulleted lists, infographics, and other eye-catching images to grab the attention of your readers. If your email newsletters are long or contain blocks of text, you’re going to lose the interest of your readers. Your goal should be to grab your reader’s attention quickly with a great subject line, get your message across as quickly and efficiently as possible, and always to end your emails with a call to action.

Consistency Matters
Consistency is key when it comes to branding, marketing, and other business efforts. It’s important for your email campaigns to look and sound the same across all platforms. Utilize a customized template or color theme that’s unique to your company and brand so that your subscribers and fans can easily recognize your content from competitors.